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As shown in the screenshot below, the chart selector now allows you to get a data file for any index/indicator combination.


Due to different national holidays, selecting an index/indicator combination where the index is from a different country to that of the indicator means that there will be a few days in the last 5 years where the value of the index or the indicator is not present. To maintain continuity in the data and help make your analytical work easier, those days are omitted entirely. Therefore, you may prefer selecting a combination where the index and indicator are directly related or at least from the same country.

Given the rising costs of the site and the desire to improve it vastly, the data isn’t free. The pricing reflects the amount of programming and computing resources used to produce the indicator, which hopefully you’ll find fair.

Feel free to send your suggestions, or any interesting facts you find in the data. Thank you for waiting for the feature.

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1. marco said:
Monday, 15th Nov 2010 at 9:38 pm

very good

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